Connect your Facebook Page and WhatsApp account

To connect your Page and WhatsApp account: Log into Facebook, then click your profile photo in the top right. Click See all Profiles, then select the Page you want to switch into. Click your Page's profile picture in the top right of Facebook. Click Settings & privacy, then click Settings. In the ...

Connect your Facebook Page to WhatsApp

To connect a Facebook Page to your WhatsApp: Navigate to your Facebook Page. Click Settings. In the left side column, click WhatsApp. Note: You can only find WhatsApp in the Facebook Page for your business. You... Choose your country code. Enter your WhatsApp Business phone number. Click Continue. ...

Conectar sua Página do Facebook ao WhatsApp

Para conectar uma Página do Facebook ao seu WhatsApp: Navegue até a sua Página do Facebook. Clique em Configurações. Na coluna do lado esquerdo, clique em WhatsApp. Observação: só é possível encontrar a opção WhatsApp na Página do Facebook da sua empresa. Você não encontrará a opção WhatsApp no seu perfil pessoal do Facebook.

Comece a usar o WhatsApp Business | Meta for Business - Facebook

Interaja com os clientes usando notificações. Envie informações importantes às pessoas no local onde elas estão mais propensas a realizar ações. Saiba mais sobre como criar com a Plataforma do WhatsApp na Central de Ajuda para o Anunciante. Obter instruções passo a passo.


WhatsApp Messenger: More than 2 billion people in over 180 countries use WhatsApp to stay in touch with friends and family, anytime and anywhere.

Connect your Facebook Page and WhatsApp account

To connect your Page and WhatsApp account: At the top of Facebook, tap or your profile picture. Tap then select the Page you want to switch into. Tap in the top right of Facebook. Tap Linked accounts. Tap WhatsApp. Select your country code and enter your WhatsApp Business number. Tap Send WhatsApp ...

Download WhatsApp

Download WhatsApp on your mobile device, tablet or desktop and stay connected on across your devices, so you can pick up any conversation where you left off.

How to send Picture or Message from Facebook to WhatsApp?

11 de fev. de 2022 · Steps to Send Picture or Message from Facebook to WhatsApp From your Android or iOS device, open the Facebook App. Now you may upload any image or text. You may also share a... After it has been uploaded, select the Share option. Select Send in WhatsApp from the Share dropdown option that appears. ...

Easy Way to Share Facebook Video to WhatsApp - iMyFone

9 de dez. de 2022 · Launch Facebook on your Android device and browse the video you want to save. Step 2. Tap on the More options icon at the top of the post, and select Copy Link to copy the video’s URL to your clipboard. Step 3. Launch WhatsApp on your phone and open the conversation you want to share the video.

Connect a Catalog to Your WhatsApp Business Account - Facebook

Basics About WhatsApp business accounts Connect your phone number

How to link WhatsApp to Facebook - Metricool

12 de mai. de 2022 · Tap Business tools. Facebook & Instagram. Choose the first, then tap Continue and log into your Facebook account. Once you’re logged in, choose the fan page you want to link to WhatsApp Business, and tap Connect WhatsApp . Done! Now you’ll see a WhatsApp button on your Facebook fan page.